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Catechumenate ministry is my passion. I have been involved in the catechumenate since 1980 in both the Roman Catholic and Episcopal branches of the Church. I am a "progressive," ecumenical Christian who is realistic enough to know that the Church has never been "One"; is often not "Holy"; strives to be "Catholic" and is "Apostolic" only when members respect the Tradition rather than the latest customs. I have been fortunate to be able to focus on various elements of philosophy, theology and Christian history during my studies. I am able to bring them all to bear in catechumenate ministry.

Invite Welcome Connect

Mary Parmer began an evangelism ministry around 2007 that she came to call Invite Welcome Connect. The story of how she came to create and lead this dynamic ministry is contained in Chapter One of her book, Invite Welcome Connect. … Continue reading

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What's in a Name?

“In Arizona we use the catechumenate….but no one knows what that is, so we call it ‘Journey to Jesus.’” –Bishop Megan Traquier, January, 2019 We wrestled with the same issue at Trinity Cathedral in the mid-’90’s. Before then the preparation … Continue reading

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Jerry's life..2018 & 2019

As I said in the previous email, Trinity cathedral had a transition in leadership from Brian Baker to Jim Richardson as Interim Dean. Brian was appreciative of the catechumenate ministry but his focus in 2017 and 2018 was to move … Continue reading

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I'm Baaack!

Wow! My last post might have been in 2015 or 2016…I’m not sure. I dated it 2015 as a guess. My situation has changed. This post will reflect personal history for 2015 – 2018. I will post “things I’ve learned … Continue reading

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I’m dating this post for January 2015 but, quite frankly, I’m not sure when I wrote it.  Let’s just say that the time gap between earlier regular postings and this post as well as  the time span after this to … Continue reading

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Mark 1:40-45

The leper falls on his knees before Jesus and begs to be made clean.  A short and powerful story.  Ideal for reflection in a catechumenate meeting, right?  Right. We talked about faith.  What does it take to be unclean, to … Continue reading

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Revised Catechumenate

From a Lent with much suffering and dying to an Easter with signs of new life and much hope:  this is the story of the catechumenate at Trinity Cathedral for the beginning of 2012. Much of the story has been … Continue reading

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When to baptize?

The above question can be answered in numerous ways. All involve praxis because of the very nature of sacrament as visible action celebrating grace. Most recently my experience is one in which there is a presumption that grace is alive … Continue reading

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“You’re not in the driver’s seat; I am” Mk 8:34 (Message)

This Lent is particularly difficult.  I have envisaged this portion of this blog as reflection on the gospel passages with a focus towards leading catechumenate meetings.  Today I find the focus on myself. Some would argue that that is the … Continue reading

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Advent and Beyond

We did what I said we wouldn’t do this year–we asked those involved in the catechumenate to join the parish in the ADVENTure series during Advent.  This is a series of outreach activities.  I stressed to the sponsors that they … Continue reading

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