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Theology other than catechumens

What's in a Name?

“In Arizona we use the catechumenate….but no one knows what that is, so we call it ‘Journey to Jesus.’” –Bishop Megan Traquier, January, 2019 We wrestled with the same issue at Trinity Cathedral in the mid-’90’s. Before then the preparation … Continue reading

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N.T Wright, Part 4

I went to both of Wright’s lectures at Fremont Presbyterian Church.  At this point I don’t remember the dates.  The first lecture was followed by a panel of people from Fuller Theological and elsewhere, all Wright fans, who did not … Continue reading

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Tom Wright, Part 3

I shared the review with several people in the office whom I thought might find it of interest.  When I found Wright’s e-mail address, I sent a copy to him.  Much to my surprise he e-mailed back very quickly.  Here … Continue reading

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Tom Wright Part 2

I decided to go to both of Wright’s lectures.  The guy is very intelligent and has had numerous debates with Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan on the issue at hand.  He has also written a considerable amount of biblical theology … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright Part 1

I first encountered N T(Tom) Wright about 10 years ago when Dan Williamson, the rector of St. John’s, Roseville, where we worshiped urged me to read an article that Wright had written.  The context was an ongoing discussion that Dan … Continue reading

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Mt 25:14-30 — The 3 Servants and Taking Risks

Jesus sets up this parable like any good story teller would.    There was this man who calls forth 3 servants.  All good stories have 3 characters in the midst of the action.  For example, three men go into a … Continue reading

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Jim Schellman & The North American Forum

I had the opportunity to meet today with Jim Schellman, Executive Director of  The North American Forum on the Catechumenate.  I wasn’t sure how the conversation would go.  I was a team member in Forum institutes back in “my other … Continue reading

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