“What is it we cannot see” Richard Rohr daily meditation for June 2, 2022

This Unveiling

This is
the pressing question
of every age:

            What is it that we cannot see?

For life is hiddenness,
as is God,
and we have been given
the gift of searching.

The unseen works on us, always.
            Waves pulsing through our flesh, unfelt.
            Forces pulling at our bodies. Forces
            putting black bodies in cells en masse.

Each one underneath a veil of opacity that we call law.

All that is hidden
is meant to be

yet revelation cannot be achieved.
It comes when it comes,
when it wants to unearth itself—
fall from the heavens like light
to those who have insisted it lay itself bare.

This unveiling,
daring us
to live differently.

Drew E. Jackson, “This Unveiling,” Oneing 10, no. 1, Unveiled (Spring 2022): 89–90.

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Catechumenate ministry is my passion. I have been involved in the catechumenate since 1980 in both the Roman Catholic and Episcopal branches of the Church. I am a "progressive," ecumenical Christian who is realistic enough to know that the Church has never been "One"; is often not "Holy"; strives to be "Catholic" and is "Apostolic" only when members respect the Tradition rather than the latest customs. I have been fortunate to be able to focus on various elements of philosophy, theology and Christian history during my studies. I am able to bring them all to bear in catechumenate ministry.
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