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Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch….a Current Story

Trinity’s associate pastor Lynell related the following experience to me: A family called her to the bedside of one of their dying family members.  In the course of the visit, the dying person’s son asked that his mother be baptized.  … Continue reading

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Jim Schellman & The North American Forum

I had the opportunity to meet today with Jim Schellman, Executive Director of  The North American Forum on the Catechumenate.  I wasn’t sure how the conversation would go.  I was a team member in Forum institutes back in “my other … Continue reading

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Roman Catholic to Episcopalian: Part of the Journey

I enjoy telling this story, if for no other reason than its irony.  Warning: it is fairly lengthy. Preamble: My critical eye towards the Roman Catholic branch of the church started while in the seminary at Mt. Angel.  We were … Continue reading

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