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Having to do with church politics and other reflections

The Catechumenate — A Process of Spiritual Formation

Will you open your heart and mind to receive the Good News of Jesus Christ? Answer: I will, with God’s help. (Rite of Admission of Candidates) Will you continue in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship…? I will, with God’s help. … Continue reading

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Easter 2020

Many have commented that, because of the Covid 19 pandemic, this Easter is unique. Christians have not gathered physically to celebrate and worship. We have not heard the readings together. We have not shared communion. I recommend researching the many … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Corona Virus Pandemic

There are a lot of posts “out there” on life in the midst of the current pandemic. I add mine primarily for myself. In the future, I will be able to look back and see how I was at this … Continue reading

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Holy Transfiguration Monastery

Holy Transfiguration Monastery is a community of 10 Ukrainian Orthodox monks. Not all are from the Ukraine but they all are drawn to that particular Christian discipline. The monastery buildings come into view after rounding a final curve of the … Continue reading

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What to do with the 3 conversion stories: Jn: 4:5-42; Jn 9:1-41; Jn 11: 1-45 ?

When there are catechumens who are candidates for baptism at the Great Vigil of Easter, it is appropriate in any year with the consent of the Bishop to use the Sunday lectionary for Year A during Lent and the Great Fifty Days of Easter. (BoS 2018, p. 136) These three conversion stories — The Samaritan Woman at … Continue reading

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Homeless in San Francisco–Not Really

The bus left at 9:00 pm. We arrived at the bus stop at 9:15 pm. Alone in a cold dark city with only a bag (not a sleeping bag), 2 cell phones that were close to losing power and no … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Parishes

I’ve had the opportunity to attend two congregations recently. They share the same name. One is in Pasadena. It is recognized nationally for its dynamism, wonderful liturgy, out reach, excellent preaching, wonderful speakers during it’s “Rector’s Forums,” and so much … Continue reading

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Invite Welcome Connect

Mary Parmer began an evangelism ministry around 2007 that she came to call Invite Welcome Connect. The story of how she came to create and lead this dynamic ministry is contained in Chapter One of her book, Invite Welcome Connect. … Continue reading

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“You’re not in the driver’s seat; I am” Mk 8:34 (Message)

This Lent is particularly difficult.  I have envisaged this portion of this blog as reflection on the gospel passages with a focus towards leading catechumenate meetings.  Today I find the focus on myself. Some would argue that that is the … Continue reading

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Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch….a Current Story

Trinity’s associate pastor Lynell related the following experience to me: A family called her to the bedside of one of their dying family members.  In the course of the visit, the dying person’s son asked that his mother be baptized.  … Continue reading

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