Stumblings along the way

Only my second entry.  I’m new to blogging so it’s taking me a bit to figure this out.  The site looks pretty simple thus far and maybe that’s OK.  I plan to add pictures and references to articles as I find them.  Also I will start with three categories:  “Profile, “Scripture Reflections” and “The Catechumenate Process.””  The first will have stories about my own journey with the catechumenate (including how it was in the context of the catechumenate that I switched denominations).   “Scripture Reflections” will include thoughts on the Sunday Lectionary Gospel passages.  (Our Catechumenate spends our time in reflection on the Gospel passage when we meet on Thursday evenings.)  “The Catechumenate Process” will be devoted to comments on the process and rites.  And, again, I welcome feed back!  I hope this will be a good way to get some lively discussion going.

About Jerry

Catechumenate ministry is my passion. I have been involved in the catechumenate since 1980 in both the Roman Catholic and Episcopal branches of the Church. I am a "progressive," ecumenical Christian who is realistic enough to know that the Church has never been "One"; is often not "Holy"; strives to be "Catholic" and is "Apostolic" only when members respect the Tradition rather than the latest customs. I have been fortunate to be able to focus on various elements of philosophy, theology and Christian history during my studies. I am able to bring them all to bear in catechumenate ministry.
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